This mama wants to adopt two kids. Two countries are calling my name very loudly…  We will likely end up with one, but I will just have to wait and see what crazy journey God wants us to embark on this time. If you could adopt from any country in the world, which would it be? I’m curious. :) 


Slowly starting our way to add another little Thew to the family. :)

     Here’s my attempt to not get overwhelmed too much later…

I know that everyone who has adopted is cracking up right now…

The feeling overwhelmed will come. :) For now we are starting little fundraisers here and there to fund our adoption. Instead of frantically working backwards like we did before, we are trying to think forward and prepare. :)

      Our plan is to really start this process in a year. During this year, Nathan will be deployed to Afghanistan and I will be at home with our 4 darling littles. :)  This will be the time I spend fundraising slowly but surely. :)

     I am excited to see what path this adventure will take us down and who will be in our village!  :)

We are beyond delighted to add to our family!

Lots of love to you all,

The Thew Crew

“However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle.”
~Valerie Harper